Speech Recognition plugin for Moodle

  • Automatically records and grades student's speech
  • Automatically generates reference audio
  • Presents student performance in standard Moodle Teacher interface
  • Allows creation of custom pronunciation activities in US and UK English for your class
  • Available for Moodle 2.7+

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  • Up to 25 users
  • Additional users billed
    at $7.96/user
  • US and UK English
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  • Up to 100 users
  • Additional users billed
    at $4.99/user
  • US and UK English
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  • Up to 250 users
  • Additional users billed
    at $4.00/user
  • US and UK English
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  • Up to 500 users
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    at $4.00/user
  • US and UK English
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  • 501 - 100,000+ users
  • Bulk discount
  • US and UK English
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The SpeechAce Moodle plug-in works with any Moodle site and allows you to get started by adding speech lessons and quizzes from the Content library. Most customers begin delivering content to their students in less than 1 hour. Start your free trial now on our Moodle server in less than a minute.
The only Speech Engine designed for language learning
SpeechAce was designed from the ground up to evaluate phonic and phonemic accuracy, stress and intonation, speech correctness and fluency. SpeechAce works at a word, sentence and paragraph levels to evaluate speech and give the learner real-time feedback that guides immediate improvement.
Use our expert-certified content or create your own
All SpeechAce plans come with access to expert-created content that you can integrate and use in your site from day 1. Create your own content and customize the learning experience for your students.
Use from PC, Mac or Mobile phones
Use SpeechAce for Moodle from any modern browser or using our iOS and Android apps.

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“The greatest proportion of students listed SpeechAce as their favorite part, based on their appreciation of the native speaker model and accompanying phonetic transcription.”
J. Aiello, Instructor at University of Naples
“Thanks to this project, I'm less worried about my pronunciation, because I've understood the mistakes that I did previously.”
Student, L'Orientale
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